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rooted_tail copy

Here it is, our handcrafted jewelry store! We officially launched Rooted (and by officially, I mean Facebook officially, just like when all relationships get serious) on Thursday night, and we got just under 100 likes to our Facebook page in the first 24 hours. It was exciting. We are really thankful for all our friends and family and their support.

Oh, right, the links! 🙂

Here’s our website for our store of handcrafted jewelry.

And here’s our Facebook page.

Orders have started pouring in even faster than we anticipated. It’s all very exciting! Phil is so good at bending the wires (after 8 years of orthodontic lab work bending retainers and appliances he is extremely accurate!), and I am loving working on all the web-related stuff and packaging.


So far, we are really digging Storenvy, where we are selling our necklaces. It’s kind of like Etsy, but not exclusively handmade/vintage stuff, and instead of charging fees, they are free. We like free! And I just like their whole atmosphere and their support, etc. I think they are going to grow. So, it’s a nice place for us to start.

So, that’s what’s been keeping us busy lately, on top of everything else we do. But who doesn’t love to be busy doing something they enjoy?


before & after: front shrub bed

Here’s the long front shrub bed in front of our house when we moved in. Nothing really going on with it except some liriope and mulch. Thankfully, there weren’t any ugly things to remove (I know removing shrubs with deep roots is quite a task), so it was a blank canvas!

So, what better to plant than pretty flowering bushes? I especially like landscaping that serves a double purpose, like flowers you can cut and bring inside or herbs that are pretty but also useful. I’ve been wanting to plant rose bushes here for a couple months now but with the well and all the other things we’ve had come up, I’ve been patient :).

We went to Home Depot and Lowe’s this afternoon finally to look for some plants. It happens to be our 3-month-iversary, so it was neat timing because Phil got me some flowers that will keep on giving! We found great deals–we got a blueberry bush at Home Depot for $7 that looked really healthy (score!), and then at Lowe’s we got 2 red long-stemmed rose bushes for $8.50 each (50% off!), a pink camellia bush for $10, and a gardenia for $6. We could have spent a lot more had we bought all these a month ago, so it was really great that we waited. Here’s the updated shrub bed:

Ignore the ugly orange well permit sign on our door. They are pretty small now but in a couple of years they will all grow up to be beautiful. On the far left, the spindly little stick bush is the blueberry plant, then a rose, then the camellia, then another rose, then the gardenia. Turns out I got about two dozen red roses for our 3-month mark :), and many more to come.

new beginnings

I have begun a new blog. This is sort of a new time in life, so it seemed appropriate. I am a newly wed with a newly-bought house and a new puppy, so I am a lot like the seedlings above. (Those were planted in our garden we started this fall).

This blog will contain my adventures in learning to be a wife, keep up and improve a home, help train a puppy, grow a garden, and hopefully learn to be a lot more self-sufficient along the way.

Hope you enjoy!