i’m back!

Blog, I have neglected you the past few days.

Well, Phil and I went to Spokane for a very quick trip this past weekend and before and after that we were busy with trip-related things. We left Friday and got back Monday–a quick trip for a friend’s wedding, and it was really fun! It wouldn’t be such a quick trip if nearly 2 days of it weren’t spent traveling, but with Spokane that’s the way it goes. I wish they would offer a direct flight there, but it’s not a busy enough route, and it’s so far. Next time we visit we’ll just have to take a week or so :). Oh, but it snowed while we were there; it was so pretty on all the evergreens.

The well water is working great still. The only issue is that it is still pretty chlorine-y from when they shocked the well when they drilled it. But the smell is dwindling down, so that’s good. I’m still not going to drink it yet, but I don’t mind showering in it now. And oh boy, does a full shower feel great! The water pressure is higher now too!

I really should get some holiday shopping done… but I still haven’t gotten any presents yet! Oy! Next thing I know it will be December, and both of my parents’ birthdays are in December as well. We’ve just been so busy. But I’ll fit it in somewhere. At least I did make some bows to put on the windows of our house. Nothing elaborate but they were quick and easy. Such a cheap way to decorate a little too.


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