well updates

So, they drilled and they drilled. Supposedly the average in our area for well depth is 150-250… don’t you just love it when you’re above average ;). They went 300 feet and got a mere 1 gallon per minute. Bah!

Oh well. Our pump guy Walter said that will be enough for us since we will have 300-400 gallons saved up in the well at any given time, but we will still have to be a little conservative about our water usage so we don’t run it dry. There goes my dream of doing laundry, running the dishwasher, taking a shower, and running a sprinkler system at the same time. Haha, just kidding. We should be fine. We don’t use that much water and we are only 2 people. And we can take full showers again!

It was pricier than we had hoped because they had to drill so far down (and we haven’t gotten the pump bill yet…) but I’m just glad we are getting it done and we know God promises to supply all our needs, so we are just trusting Him. I would have rather spent the money on a bathroom remodel or a fancy vacation to Europe, but hey, I’m really blessed to have water again soon!

As I promised, here are some pictures I snapped of the process. It was messy, but thankfully they protected some of our yard with their barrier they set up and laid down big mats for the truck tires to sit on.







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