…chicken invasion part 3.

I had hoped there would be no part 3 to this series. I had hoped the chickens would stop coming into our yard, stop hopping over the fence, and stop their invasion.

But, alas, yesterday there was a new category of chicken invasion.

Dead chicken invasion.

I looked outside in the morning, and there was a dead chicken lying right in the middle of our garden with another bird pecking away at its body. Gross!


Thankfully I told the neighbor and she came and got rid of it. Either that or an animal took it. Haha. Not really sure.

I don’t know why, but I was surprised when I saw the open chicken body and it looked just like raw chicken at the store… Makes sense… Haha. But it was interesting.


Okay no more pictures of dead animals! I promise! 🙂

As for our sad garden, I’m not sure if we will really get any produce out of it this year anyway. We tried… but the broccoli hasn’t even formed any broccoli yet and here we are coming up on the frost date. We’ll see. The kale at least has small leaves. I’m glad the dead chicken wasn’t on the kale. I can’t wait to build nice raised beds this winter and have a nicer crop in the spring hopefully.

P.S. I promise we did not kill it with our airsoft guns. It either died in the storm or some animal got it. It should have stayed in its coop where it belonged!


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One response to “…chicken invasion part 3.”

  1. Victoria Bramwell says :

    So I’m sitting next to my husband reading your chicken story and I come up to the dead pictures and he says “Did she kill the chickens!!”. I told him I wasn’t sure… you said you didn’t buuuut, you did buy that gun. Hahha, j/k

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