chicken invasion!

Our neighbors are from Dominica and have probably 100 chickens in their back yard. And some ducks.

A couple weeks ago we first noticed one of the neighbors’ chickens had gotten into our yard. I felt bad for it at first, thinking the poor thing was away from her family, and couldn’t get back.

Then a couple days ago a few chickens were in our yard.

Then yesterday about ten. They mostly stayed in the bottom of the yard in the dried up creek, and it was actually kind of nice they tore up most of the weeds growing in there. I chased them off though because I didn’t want them just thinking our yard was theirs!

Here’s a blurry shot of them pecking around our yard. Ugh! They just kept coming back! 20121024-151443.jpg

When Phil got home we put an old piece of fence over the spot where they were hopping over so we figured it was a good fix.

Okay, turns out chickens are better climbers than I thought. Today I took Bear outside in the mid morning and what did I see, but chicken scratch marks all over the flower beds near the house! They had come back and ventured all the way up to the back of the house. The nerve of those chickens.

So I got up some nerve of my own, went over to speak Spanish with the lady next door, and asked her to collect her chickens! 🙂 she said she would ask her brother to fix the fence too. Woo hoo! Victory!

Sorry chickens. I know the grass is greener on our side, but we don’t want you tearing it all up!



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