before & after: 10-minute kitchen improvements

I had a few spare minutes yesterday, so I finally took down the 80s over-the-sink radio/clock/tape deck that has been in our kitchen since we moved in. We enjoyed it while unpacking since the speakers still sounded pretty good for radio, but it was an eyesore, and unnecessary since we have a iPod speaker thing and it plays radio too. And I think the only tapes I have are Alanis Morrisette, Amy Grant, and the Beach Boys.

Here’s what it looked like when we moved in:


Gotta love the dangling cords. The thing was screwed into some boards and then up into the cabinet. The man who lived here before us rigged a lot of things “his own” way for his family 🙂


Much better! And when I was poking around under the cabinet, I found a paper towel holder folded up underneath that I’d never noticed before. Now our paper towel roll has a home! And we can enjoy our less anachronistic music player.


Not a huge project, but I felt productive.


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