review: Lands’ End Women’s Nylon Quilt Bootie Slippers

Amazing. I have found my new work-from-home winter shoes. They just came in the mail today and my feet are so happy. Pretty sure I’ll be wearing these most days, especially on cold mornings, and especially because our house is heated by propane, and propane is expensive! (No, I am not getting paid for this post… I just love these shoes! I rarely write reviews on websites or anything unless something is really good or really bad and I think people should know.)

Granted, they are slippers 🙂 so I can’t wear them around town, but they do have a hard sole, so I can wear them outside on trips to the mailbox and to take Bear out. I love a good bootie slipper that keeps your ankles warm too, because my ankles are like ice in the winter. So far, they are warm, but not overly hot to where my feet would start sweating.

And, I got them on sale for $19.99 plus an extra percentage off. They have great sales.

I’m a big fan of Lands’ End recently. They have great practical clothes. Sometimes they aren’t the most trendy or cut in the most flattering shapes, but I like them for jackets, slippers, and shoes. My mom recently ordered some black LE flats that didn’t fit her, so I got to have them. Woo!

So, these slippers get five stars from me! You can find them here.


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