water water water

Our house came with a 25-foot shallow well from 1960, which was working fine for a few months, but a few weeks ago, the water table got too low and it could no longer pull water to the house. Turns out we only had 6 feet of water in the well… geez! We waited to see if it would rise on its own, but it didn’t so we are having to drill a deep well. But, that will be good, because then we will have a lot more water that is a lot better quality too.

In the mean time, our well pump repair guy we’ve been working with brought over a 1000-gallon tank and hooked it up to our house, so we’ve had water! It was such a blessing. We’ve been praying for our well situation and for our water needs to be supplied, and so far we’ve been so taken care of.

Yesterday I noticed the water tank was down to about 1/3 left (we’ve been using it for a few weeks now) and I wondered how much time we had left on it. In the afternoon we left for a bible fellowship a little less than an hour away, and were gone for a little while. When we came back, I got nervous–I looked at the water tank and I couldn’t see the line–it looked like all the water had leaked out somehow.

Then we looked up. The water line was a couple inches from the top! Walter (our well guy) had come by and filled it up for us for free again! Another awesome blessing! So now we can even take full showers until the new well is drilled. So cool. What luxury–a full shower! 🙂

We’re going to put an old fashioned hand pump on the old shallow well so we can use that water to water plants, and if we ever had an emergency situation with no power, we’d have a backup supply of water. It’s good to think about what you’d do for water and food if electricity was down and stores were closed. One Second After was a good read that got me thinking more along those lines. (A fictional story of a post-EMP situation). We don’t live in fear or anything, but it’s good to be prepared. 🙂 Even a hurricane or ice storm sometimes knocks out power around here for several days, so it will be good to have water to use during those times.

Lots of answered prayers so far. We are praying for the well driller to be able to come out this week. Hopefully we’ll have a new well in no time!


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