puppy Bear

ImageIt’s such a beautiful day today. Sunny and a little fall chill in the air, which my husband loves. I sat outside with Bear, our black lab puppy, for a while on my lunch break (I work from home), and he had a great time running around, eating fallen leaves, getting lost in bushes, and being a pup. He’s hit that age where he needs more activity. We might have to start running with him soon. He’s already faster than me at 12 weeks, but my husband can slightly outrun him still.

I recently got into the idea of growing my own medicinal herbs like echinacea, etc. instead of paying big bucks for them at the pharmacy. I’d like to plant lots of herbs in the back yard, but we need to train Bear not to run all over the flowers and eat whatever plants he finds interesting. He’s been snacking on all those green berries that pop up from that green grassy border plant (agh, what’s it called again?) and so far he hasn’t been showing any negative affects… but he needs to learn not to eat random wild berries! I think some of the herbs I’d like to plant might be bad for him to eat, so we’ll see how it goes. If he can’t learn that by spring, I’ll have to keep them in pots for now.

Silly puppy. Every time we go outside he tries to quickly grab a stick or piece of mulch to stealthily carry back inside in his mouth on the way back in. We aren’t fooled. 🙂 In the photo above, you can see him chewing on some mulch, with dirt on his face, and crushing my hosta plants. He’s too cute for his own good.


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