before & after: our hardwood floors

When we first bought our house, it had these old mauve/beige carpets throughout the living room, hall, and bedrooms. It wasn’t so bad looking, but to my horror, when we first hung out in our newly purchased home and had a glass of wine to celebrate, I walked around with my shoes off and my feet got sticky.


We had already found out that there were old hardwoods underneath from 1960 when the house was built. And the sticky feet made me extra glad we decided to rip up the carpets and get the hardwoods sanded and refinished before moving in. We were praying we could afford to do it that way instead of after we moved a bunch of furniture in, and thankfully we were able to do so!


I naively thought that ripping up the carpets would be easy. My wonderful husband (then fiance) ripped up all the carpet himself in an afternoon, BUT then came the hard part–getting up all the tack strips and carpet staples/tacks that were everywhere! They had had carpet at least twice, so there were lots of fun staples that were very difficult to get up. Thankfully two of our best friends helped us with that process… I’m not sure what we would have done without them! (Especially since we did not have the right tools at all to get up the tack strips and Tim was really smart and brought the right tool with him.)

old hardwoodsHere are the old hardwoods in one bedroom. Tape and all.

sanding hardwoodsWe did hire a sanding and refinishing company. We weren’t ready to try to do that ourselves. They did a great job. It was around $2.10 a square foot–probably cheaper than installing new carpet!

Ahhh, much better!!! The old wood had a lot of character and color, the sanding guy said. This was just with a natural finish polyurethane–no stain! Here’s the living room with one or two coats on.

Ta-da! Done! Then we got to move in with newly redone hardwoods (so much easier than trying to move all of our furniture out to do it later). Here’s a view to the kitchen’s linoleum… likely one of the next victims in our remodeling :).

So, there you have it. From old gross sticky mauve carpet, to gleaming fresh hardwoods with 50 years of character built in. I’m really blessed we stewarded what we had and it was so cool to find the treasure under our old carpet that only needed a little TLC.


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2 responses to “before & after: our hardwood floors”

  1. Phil says :

    It took a bit of hard work but it was well worth it! And Tim rocked those tack strips!! So glad we have nice (non-sticky) floors now and I have such a wonderful wife to share life with 🙂

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